Registration Section II, Kaohsiung Campus

Tel: 886-7-6678888 Ext. 3120
Fax: 886-7-6679999
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The registration Section I is in charge of student entrance examinations, enrollment, registration, grades, and various academic applications for students at Kaohsiung Campus. To be more specific, the registration Section I is in charge of the following:

  •  All registration service
  •  Managing the application for study suspension, enrollment preservation, reinstatement and related applications
  •  Managing the application for minor and double major
  •  Managing the application for credits transfer
  •  Tthe publication and notification of academic records
  •  Grades of both undergraduate and graduating students
  •  Managing the application for departmental transfer
  •  Issuing transcripts, certificates and diplomas
  •  Issuing and reissuing student ID cards
  •  Student admissions
  •  Maintenance of the database for students and academic records