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The School of Liberal Arts of Shih-Chien University, formerly the “Center of General Education” established (in) August, 1997, was renamed (in) August, 2006. The School comprises five divisions: Humanity (Section 1 and 2), Social Science (Section 1 and 2), Natural Science (Section 1 and 2), Languages (Center 1 and 2), and Physical Education (Office 1 and 2), committed to achieving the founder of Shih-Chien University’s aims, i.e. “to reach praxis, to cultivate oneself, to regulate one’s family, to govern a state, and to arrive at world peace”. The School develops along with the University to highlight the duties of teaching and research. Its teaching and research aim at the education of the whole person (“holistic education”) in a hope of cultivating students’ senses of spirituality, humane thoughts, elegance, critical thinking, judgment, and the positive values. Moreover, students will be developed with versatile skills to increase their opportunities of taking up an occupation and hence create their happiness. To execute the above objectives and accommodate both students’ learning needs and teachers’ expertise, the School arranges the courses into the following six modules: Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, and National Defense Education. The goal of Humanities is to enhance students’ art and aesthetic capacity and disposition; Social Science focuses on developing their concepts of family and corporate ethic; Natural Science targets at training them to make a self-examination on ideal values and cultivating their intelligence for life; the objective of Foreign Languages is to train their foreign languages abilities; Physical Education aims at exercising them to be in good health and full of energy; and National Defense Education stresses on forming their good habits of life and respectable character.


1. The University caters to both professional and liberal education. Each department and school plans its own professional programs. The School of Liberal Arts is responsible for designing general education curriculum in order to achieve the ideal of holistic person education.

2. For the purpose of enhancing the quality of the curriculum planning, the decision of a course has undergone a series of conscientious reviewing procedures. To establish complete procedures of curriculum planning and accomplish the planning and the execution of general education curriculum in a consistent way, the curriculum section first coordinates and plans programs, and then proposes these potential courses. Next, these proposed courses are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee of the School of Liberal Arts, and finally are re-reviewed and confirmed by the Committee of Curriculum Development of the University.

3. Teacher Employment highlights expertise based on teachers’ discipline for certain courses. The discipline is defined as (1) self-disciplined academic characteristics, (2) teaching experience, and (3) a comprehensive and well-recognized publication list.

4. The teachers in the School are encouraged to publish their papers in “The Liberal Education Journal of Shih-Chien University.

5. The School will host academic conferences and symposiums for respective areas. On the one hand, the teachers can develop their deep insight (into) their research; and on the other hand, they can share contributions with teachers (from) other universities in hope of obtaining helpful comments or suggestions.

6. By attending the courses offered by the School of Liberal Arts, students are required and guided to write their term papers. Besides, the student conferences will also be held regularly in hope of facilitating an autonomous learning environment and atmosphere.

7. The School cooperates with relevant social volunteer organizations to hold all kinds of service activities in the society. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer activities in the society.

8. The teachers of the School of Liberal Arts are encouraged to take part in community-serving and students-guiding activities on and off campus in order to realize the goal of making liberal arts become a part of life.

9. Home economics stresses on the knowledge of healthy care system so as to equip students with the ability of dealing any accident.

10. Life art courses focus on making life become art and vice versa, and cultivating students to treat everything and everyone in an aesthetic and humorous way.