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Department of Fashion Design

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Shih Chien fashion design department(SCFD)was founded in 1961 becoming Taiwan’s first domestic advanced educational institute for fashion design. Our major objective is to cultivate our students cultural, creative and technical skills related to apparel design. The department provides an integrated clothing design curriculum that develops and fosters our student’s talents by encouraging their independent thinking supported by thoughtful interaction with our dedicated staff. We have accumulated over forty years of creative design teaching experience and of seeing successive years of our graduating students finding sustaining employment within the domestic and world fashion industry.

Research Focus:

Through their creative endeavors our students will cultivate their professional skills and capabilities and develop an individual innovative character.
Through the active cooperation with the industry and practical training our students will combine theory and practice to inform and give understanding to their work.
Through competitions, exhibitions, presentations and regular exchanges, students will improve the quality and level of their work.