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Department of Business Administration

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Brief History

  • Due to the importance of business administration theories, the lack of business administrators, and the need for long-term economic development, permission was granted to initiate the institute of business administration in April, 1980.
  • In August, 1991, when the school became a university, the title was changed to the Department of Business Administration, with two classes per grade.
  • Moreover, in order to follow the educational policy of continuing and permanent education, the school established the two-year program for on-the-job students In August, 1997.
  • In August, 2003, the school established the Evening Division for Bachelor’s Degree.


  • In the course arrange, except of basic administration subject, the department will further open up new courses
  • Each course will focus on case study as far as possible, and develop the ability to teamwork.
  • Highlight automatzed technology application in the field of business function for satisfying the demand of industry.
  • Establishing the plan of student exchange, and professor communicate with oversea sister college.

Research Focus:

  • With the economy developing, every field is thirsty to require the professional manager of business administration day by day. The future of our institute will assist the business operation administration as the main purpose.
  • In the meantime, it will keep follow with the trend of industry and requirement, and adjust the program for suitable for changeable environment.
  • Moreover, under the trend of financial, insurance licensee, risk administration. The future of institute will update with the industry and employment market requirement. Two ways adjustment: First is amended the current course, and will continually open new courses for getting with the need of industry. The other strengthen the currently course content, using the teaching materials, and professional acknowledge for the course.