The University, formerly known as Shih Chien College of Home Economics, was founded in March 1958 by Mr. Tung-Min Shieh. In August 1991, the school was upgraded and promoted, and Shih Chien College of Design and Management was born. Then following the inauguration of Kaohsiung Campus in August 1995, Shih Chien brought together the College of Human Ecology, the College of Design, and the College of Management, and became a comprehensive general university in August 1997. Currently, the Kaohsiung Campus has 14 four-year undergraduate programs with an enrollment of 5,000 students; the Taipei Campus, 16 undergraduate programs and 9 graduate programs. The total enrollment of both campuses has now reached 15,000 students.

The name “Shih Chien,” which in Chinese means “practice”, was originated from the belief of Wang Yung Ming, a great Chinese philosopher: “Knowledge is the beginning of practice. Doing is the completion of knowing"(1498). During the various stages of the schools development, the school has stayed true to this original ideal by giving equal weight to both theory and practice in its teaching and research. While continuing to affirm its status as a center to serve the public, through teaching, research and the lending of services, Shih Chien seeks to provide its students with an educational experience characterized by incorporation of tradition and modernization, the integration of humanities with technology, and the development of local-global perspectives.

A foreign student shall be confined to as an individual whose nationality is not from the Republic of China, as described in Article 2, of the Nationality Act and also without overseas Chinese student status. Individuals with Republic of China nationality, having ceased to hold the nationality, are not qualified to apply for admission to a senior high school or college/university, if the period of the renunciation, of the nationality, is less than 8 years since the date, on which a revocation was issued from the Ministry of the Interior.
According to the Cultural Exchange Agreement, a foreign national who was selected by a foreign government, organization, school, or educational/cultural group to study in Taiwan, is not subject to the limitation as prescribed in the preceding paragraph.
The eight year period as prescribed in the first paragraph shall be calculated from the date of when the semester begins as set by each individual school.

Applications will be available beginning February 1st. The deadline for submitting applications is May 31st.